You may have read that title and thought “huh, how can food possibly affect me achieving my goals?” Well, it can and it’s a fascinating topic.

I’ve always been obsessed with food mainly because I’m pretty scared of it. I was brought up with the saying “once on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” and unfortunately, it’s stayed with me. I’m very self-conscious when I eat in front of others – for fear of them judging me and would often secretly eat ‘treats’ to avoid judgement but inevitably, the judgement I placed on myself was a hell of a lot more harmful. I don’t do this anymore.

It’s important to have a great relationship with food. Food is not the enemy but unfortunately the diet/fitness industry has really messed up our heads with regards to what’s right and what’s wrong. What’s good for you one day, isn’t the next. It’s exhausting and don’t even get me started on fads/trends like turmeric beating cancer (I mean, it will help but you’ll need to eat a wheelbarrow full to experience any affects – so there’s not enough in that turmeric latte, sorry.) I digress, however it’s very true. There’s too much chatter and fear-mongering about food. There are government guidelines – lets understand that the food industry needs support from governments so those ‘guidelines’ may be a little skewed… Ultimately, the only ‘diet’ that works is one that is clean i.e. NO processed foods and is seasonal. In this day and age and in this country, it’s probably the hardest diet to follow yet the only one that will work for optimum health. 

We weren’t designed to eat synthetic food. Look at nature. We don’t feed animals food they wouldn’t have in their natural habitat so why do we do it to ourselves? Apart from food being a hugely powerful industry steeped in various controversy especially with its alliance with the pharmaceutical industry, it’s no wonder we are sick often and why we’re so confused.

The good news is, there’s a way out. The bad news is that it’s hard. The lives we live requires the ‘less is more’ attitude towards our lives. I know it, since having a kid, time seems to have been sucked out of my life. I don’t enjoy cooking like I used to, it’s now a chore so if I can do something easy, I will. However, I feed my kid well. It’s like I’ve used him to try to undo the mistakes I’ve made with food. This is probably the best thing I’ve ever done with my relationship to food. As a result, it’s been helping me make better choices. I’m not perfect though, it takes time. I’ve had to plan plan plan and make mistakes and learn from them and re-tweak and fail and pick myself up again – mainly because I’m trying to undo habits that are over 30 years ingrained. 

It IS possible to change. 

Here’s why it will be of great benefit to your life:

  1. More energy – If you’re properly nourished, you’ll feel more energetic and productive. Helps to regulate blood sugar which often spikes when eating processed foods causing bad food choices.

  2. Improved cardiovascular health – Strengthening your blood cells helps in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases, which basically means, you’ll live longer and stronger. 

  3. Cancer prevention – Preventing cancer growth today is paramount. Processed and fried foods are the biggest culprits!

  4. Better mental health – Eating well provides the regular production of dopamine (happy hormones) – deficiencies contribute to moodiness and depression. Managing caffeine can help with anxiety and not skipping meals can avoid stress, headaches and stomachaches.

  5. Improved memory – Mindful eating will contribute to better cognitive response. So your brain will perform better for longer.

As with anything in Coaching, take small steps to change. You’re then more likely to change for good. Be patient, you can turn it all around but you need to plan, be patient, be consistent and be happy about the changes. Your attitude will also affect your ability to make change. Choose to change and be happy about it.

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