By now you know my philosophy that “everything affects everything” and with that in mind, a key factor to all this is energy. I could ask you a number of questions about energy but if you’re busy, chances are you are using up all of your energy on giving to other people and things, leaving very little for yourself. One of the best most effective ways to improve your energy levels is to give to yourself FIRST. Before anyone or anything – that includes partners and kids! If we only have 10 minutes in our day, just for ourselves, then taking it will have very beneficial results in the long term. Start slow, 10 minutes is a good timeframe to start and then you’ll want to add more time as you start to see how effective it is.

I’ve put together 5 ways to boost your energy which can help to improve your mental health below – don’t think that you need to have a mental health condition to implement this – I work in the prevention of mental health challenges so that you can look after yourself better.


When you wake up, go to the bathroom, pee/brush your teeth/shower and then start your day with a few minutes just for you, alone. Think about your day ahead and decide on a few things that you’d like to accomplish. They don’t all have to be about work. Deciding you want to enjoy time with your kids, or be silly with your partner, or put that wash on etc are all acceptable on this list. You then start your day with intention. You will have the energy to complete these tasks because you have consciously chosen them.


This can be anything. “Every movement counts.” Before you give anything to anyone else (this includes looking at your phone checking social media or emails) ensure you’ve been physical – get the heart rate up. Literally run on the spot if that’s all you can do. Getting your heart rate up not only gets your heart pumping so your blood circulates evenly, it also releases endorphins which will be useful to help you feel good about your day. Of course you can add in a walk/more exercise if you have time. Stretching will also be beneficial to help strengthen and relax the muscles from stress tension and poor posture (if you work at a desk.)


This is in addition to the 10 minutes you have for yourself in the morning. Create 10 minutes before you get to the office for one final check-in with yourself. Get off a stop before and walk the rest of the way. Walking will give you energy, being with yourself and not a packed commute will relieve stress and tension. The air will fill your body with oxygen, nature will help you feel grounded. When you get to the office, you’re more likely to be calmer which helps you to get through your day better.


When you eat mindfully, you choose consciously what to put inside your body to fuel it for the day. Mindful eating is taking a pause before you get your lunch. It’s deciding how you feel, what your body needs and how much you need to put in, in order to get enough out as the day unfolds. Leaving the office is also key to this. Don’t eat lunch at your desk. You must give yourself a break. The sky will not fall in for an hour! Your boss gets enough of your time and remember your contracted hours – they LEGALLY allow for an hour’s break – SO TAKE IT! Appreciating the food you will eat will also help you make better choices for fuel rather than stress eating.


Of course sleep is essential, we all know that by now and there are a huge number of studies that confirm this. However, the routine is just as important. Winding down after your day, acknowledging how your day unfolded, being grateful and taking a few minutes for you before you sleep will help relax mind and body. Start with your bedtime outfit, does it make you feel good? What about the cream you use on your face/hands? How does your bedroom smell? Make it nice, you’ll feel nice and your sleep will be lush.

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