“Clients do not come first, Employees come first. If you take care of your Employees, they will take care of the clients.” 

– Sir Richard Branson

Hospitality and Travel related Businesses have an increased responsibility today to help their staff be better, not just for the goals of the business but also for themselves, personally.  Leading corporations have already paved the way for increased employee engagement activities within their businesses that boasts not only an aspirational environment in which to work but also increases productivity and staff retention. By focussing on both the Employer and Employee Goals, Coaching for Employee Engagement can deliver fast and effective results for the entire business.

“Travel companies have for years focused on green, sustainable tourism programs and social responsibility, not just because they were considered the right things to focus on but because they make good business sense. But increasingly, those same qualities are also seen as key to recruiting both guests and employees, particularly millennials.” – Travel Weekly. Read the full article here

In a recent article by CNBC, they reference a set of reserach that has discovered the importance of cultivating those leaders from Generation X who are actually said to be changing the workforce, not Millennials. In said article, they realise that Gen X leaders, need external support in order to further their careers. See the article here.

Millennials still remain the main and growing front line workforce and it is imperative that we nurture the talent presented and help them also fulfill and lead lives that consider responsbility, accountability and personal growth in a compassionate and value-based Business.

“They are more likely to stay with a company that is doing the right thing. They are more likely to stay and to be engaged. This is a very important business reason for doing these things.” – Max Verstraete, Hilton’s vice president of corporate responsibility.

Read Hilton: Commitments to environment help recruit, retain millennial workers

The Frankly Coaching Employee Engagement Programme is a simple, easy to understand and deploy 3 step programme, which includes tools that the business can use after the coaching term and can produce results fast. You can learn more about the many benefits of employee engagement and the best ways to engage employees by contacting me for a FREE 90 minute Strategy Session where we can define your requirements..


First, we meet and discuss your goals. Once we’ve clearly defined the Business’s objectives, we’ll define those of the employees. Your bespoke toolkit will be created.


I will come into the Business and group coach your teams. They will create goals and action plans. Each employee also receives 30 minutes of private coaching.


We will review progress regularly and find solutions to any challenges. Recommendations will be provided from group coaching insights.

The Frankly Coaching Employee Engagement Programme


This programme is designed to assist a company with their performance and wellness objectives for their employees. There are two options for implementing coaching into the organisation:

Is ideal for those organisations looking for significant, long- term affects and results of Coaching for both the business and employees.


Offers a quick-fire solution for those organisations that have not used Coaching before and want to inject some motivation into the organisation.


Both timelines offer a complete coaching programme for their specific time-frames. The programme is tailored for the organisation so that it is relatable. The Coaching tools will vary as will the NLP techniques used and depth of recommendations.
  • GOAL SETTING – Define the why of the goal, define realistic outcomes.

  • VALUES AND TOLERATIONS – Both in work and personal, define each.

  • STRATEGIES AND ACTION PLAN – Create strategies to manage challenges and implement an achievable action plan.

  • WELLBEING REVIEW – Review of individual’s wellbeing and define areas for improvement. Also review well-being within company.

  • PERFORMANCE REVIEW – The individual’s personal review of themselves and their work, limitations and challenges.

Both programmes are suitable for Leadership Coaching and Frontline Teams - they will be tailored to suit your objectives.
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Puja K McClymont is a certified NLP Life & Business Coach; working with companies to improve their Employee Engagement and supporting Fierce Millennials to unlock their full potential.


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