I'm Life Coach who works with Fierce Women who want to get the best out of their lives.

Want to finally sort your life out? 

Yep, I said it, that taboo phrase when anyone says the words ‘ Life Coach’ I’m going to use it because if you’d ask me, that’s how I’d put it -obviously it’s way more than that and once you start talking to me, you’ll see how. 

But in simple terms what does this mean? 

  • It means actually getting that job you’ve been wanting for the last two years,
  • It means getting that commitment you deserve or kicking them to the kerb
  • It means not feeling guilty every time you do something for yourself now that you’re a mum
  • It means launching that business you’ve been dreaming about for years
  • It means not putting up with anymore BS from anyone or anything anymore.
  • It means to stop feeling stuck
  • It means to stop being fed up
  • It means to stop trying to help yourself with all those self-help books, podcasts, blogs and videos 

And actually get the right support (usually over coffee or wine) that you need, that will work, that will finally be worth all your time and investment. 

And what will you have once you sort all this out? You will be a woman who has it all (and not just for show.)

You know how you can look at other women, either women you know or just every day and you build a picture up of their life based on how they look, how put together they are, what things they say or talk about; and then you drift off thinking “I wish my life was as easy as hers” “How does she have it all together?” “Why can’t I have the partner and family I’ve always dreamed off?” “Why does it happen for others and not me?” - all this ‘woe is me’ is exhausting. 

So, if you’re fed up of hearing this noise, reclaim your life and let’s sort it.

You might be looking to make a career change; be it a promotion or managing your time more efficiently so you have more time for yourself.  It could be that you own a business and you want to manage all its many facets without compromising your well-being.  You may want to have more success in your business or personal ventures but just need some sort of map to get there.  It could be that you haven't been looking after yourself as much as you'd like and want to bring those elements back into your life.  You may also just need someone to help you 'sort your life out!'


My Coaching style can sometimes be Frank (hence the name) but I am kind and I will challenge you.  By building our rapport, I'll learn the best approach for us to work together so that we're also a success.  This is teamwork.  I want to work with committed and fierce people. My role will be to help you actually get there by using the best tools for performance enhancing that work for you.

By the way, those self-help books? Some of them really do work but like anything, you have to practice and that’s where you might decide that you’ve failed because you didn’t actually put in the practice. You know it takes 21 days to form a habit and 180 days to change a neural pathway - literally to change one thing in your brain, takes 180 days - that’s half a year! Who’s got that kind of time? Who doesn’t have life get in the way? Life happens and that’s why you need a Coach so that you can be accountable to make the changes you want. As a Coach, I will support you, I’m you're cheerleader no matter what, I’ll help to keep you motivated, I’ll offer ideas and suggestions to make things better, I’ll understand if you just can’t be bothered and help you get unstuck, I’ll be there when you need to vent, I’ll be there when you need someone to talk to especially when it’s all too much. I’ll do all I can in my experience to get you living the life you most want for yourself. 

Women go through various different life cycles that have a profound affect on them. These changes are not only physically different, they are also mentally challenging. We face a multitude of hurdles every single day and when you add all that to our hormones - sometimes, we need a little help to get back on track and we want this help to be impartial, non-judgemental and empathetic.

This is what my coaching practice provides. I want women to be empowered (not to sound airy fairy) but truly, I want women to be able to do all the things they WANT to do and start living the life that they deserve to live.

What do I mean? I’ve broken it down to a few key areas that may resonate: 

  1. Health - Be it fitness, well-being, self-care, chronic issues.
  2. Career - From climbing the career ladder, changing career, career after kids.
  3. Business - High level women in business who juggle every facet of their lives. Feeling guilty? Let’s change that thinking.
  4. Relationships - From being single through to long term relationships, the changes that occur when you have kids and everything in between. How to manage the changes in relationships.
  5. Finances - Where you are, where you want to be, how to plan, budget.

In Coaching, all these areas tie into one big whole but you might want to start working on one particular area first.

My Frankly Coaching Women programme is the best fit for those women who want to change a particular area of their lives. It is a tailored programme for your needs where you will learn the skills and be given the tools you need to be great, always. It’s a 12 week programme with weekly sessions and by the end of the 12 weeks, you WILL have achieved at least one of your goals for coaching.

It takes 21 days to form a habit and 180 days to change a neural pathway - so, it’s going to take a bit of commitment for guaranteed change. But change WILL happen if you follow the programme. The 12 weeks allows you to get used to the new ways of thinking, actions you need to implement and challenges you may face so that after the programme has ended and you have decided to go it alone, you will have all the tools you need to continue on your path.

Your investment for the Frankly Coaching Women programme is £1,600.

  • First session is 90 mins in person
  • Subsequent sessions weekly 60 mins online call
  • All the relevant tools you’ll need
  • Weekly text/phone call check-in/motivation call
  • Journal
  • After care check-ins when the programme is complete

Ready to Reclaim your Life? Schedule a free call with me first to see if we're a good fit for each other and then let's make it happen.

As well as actually achieving those goals, you will also learn the following:

so that you can tap into that in whatever context you choose.
so that you can not only manage change but initiate and embrace it, enabling you to excel in your particular specialism and field of work.
at situations with others in ways that create healing and learning.
and make choices that will enable you to experience time as you want.
with respect and naivety in a way that allows you to truly learn about others and their needs and wants.
that support you whatever the changes in the external world.
that constrict your growth and release hidden talents that are appropriate today.
in a way that enables you to develop new ideas with the involvement of others.
ones that by their very nature take on a momentum of their own and maximise the chances that you will achieve what you want.
to enable you to respond to, and more importantly are a lead in, the world of high technology so that you combine the best of high-tech thinking with awareness of yourself and others.
with significant people in all contexts of your life, in whatever medium is appropriate.
of yourself and others, so that you are sensitive to the subtle shifts in behaviour and attitude that provide feedback on the effects of the way you communicate.
so that you have more choices and consequently more influence over the situations in your life.
cooperation and enthusiasm in the people around you.
and feelings so that you are in control of your emotions and your destiny.
your ability to tap into your unconscious mind and draw on its superior power and potential.
whatever you have and in so doing love yourself and others in a way that transforms your life.