On the first Wednesday of every month, I host The Clarity Hour – a group coaching workshop/talk for people to gain an understanding of their work-life balance.

I begin the session with “There is no such thing as work-life balance.” I know that sounds trite but it’s the note that I start the session on because I want potential clients to know that I’m not about to BS them into thinking that work-life balance can be achieved when in actuality, it’s impossible! Why? Because we don’t live lives in balance anymore. Our socio-economic environments do not allow for it – in simple terms. What I instead help you with is understanding how to create more time for your wellbeing. This is related to your whole wellbeing – mind, body and soul.

We start the session with a little chat about what work-life balance means to everyone and then carry out a simple coaching exercise which acts like a compass for what is working well and what needs improving in your life so that you can achieve your wellbeing goals.

What are wellbeing goals? Wellbeing goals are those goals that make your life that little bit happier. Anything from keeping a tidy home through to improving your working conditions, finding love or managing physical health. It’s what makes you, be you.

Now, this is a one hour clarity session. You will not transform your entire life within this hour. It’s called The Clarity Hour for this reason: It is an hour of your day, just for you. A way for you to get clear on what’s holding you back from taking your next steps in life (in any area of your life). It’s time for you to meet with a certified coach who can help to guide you to where you want to go. It’s time for us to informally chat and understand a little more about the coaching process and how it may be of benefit to you. It’s also time for you to get to know me and to discover whether I’m the coach for you or if you need to keep shopping.

This is an important element in hosting The Clarity Hour, getting to know me as a coach is key. You may well like what I post on social media and write in my weekly emails but in person, I might not be your cup of tea. And that’s ok. We all resonate with different people and energies and when you’re working on self development and improvement, you must seek out professionals that you have rapport with – this includes counsellors and other talking therapies. You cannot use a lack of rapport to blame a therapy for not working. The therapies all work (proven sciences) but if you don’t feel like you have a trusting, respectful relationship with the therapist, then the therapy will not work.

At The Clarity Hour, we work as a group and individually. I have this special knack of remembering what your goals are (you state these when you sign up for the session) and I weave these into the group coaching so that you can experience some of what the 1:1 coaching with me will be like.

I will give you personal examples if relevant or client examples if relevant. This is not be egotistical, it is to demonstrate how fallible we all are and that it’s ok. This also serves for perspective shifting especially if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed with your ‘stuff.’ Sometimes I will also weave in NLP techniques for mindset shifting such as mirroring. I might repeat back your own words about something that you discuss. This is to demonstrate how as a coach I may challenge you.

I also always state that everything I say – whether that’s asking you questions or challenging you or mentoring you – will always come from a place of love. This is not to be airy fairy, this is to help you understand that my goal is to help you achieve your goals. I want you to achieve your goals so I will help you in any way that I can within my remit to make this happen. Ultimately however, it is up to you and I do not push you in any direction that you don’t want to go in. You will lead the conversation, the pace and the tone. I always make it clear when I am coaching or mentoring as they are different. I also let you know when I’m about to challenge you so that your defences are down rather than attacking my challenge – this is a proven technique which works well with my clients. Just so know, I hate doing the challenge bit with clients but it can often be the key tool to breaking through heavy barriers especially those from childhood templates.

Why is it so cheap and why is it in a public place? The Clarity Hour is not a coaching session. It is a demonstration of the coaching process with me. I like to meet people in person whenever possible because that’s the best way to get to know each other and to be quite frank, we don’t do enough of it. Meeting in person also helps to break down preconceptions of either me or the coaching process. We meet in a public place so the energy in the group is relaxed, informal and therefore open to what’s to come. Most people are coming straight from work, so a drink and light bite is helpful to your wellbeing for the hour.

I hope that provides a good overview of The Clarity Hour, to help you make an informed decision of whether you would like to attend.

If that all sounds right up your street, then head over to The Clarity Hour on my website and book yourself in HERE 

FYI If you sign up to Coach &GO Mail (my free coaching tips mailing list) you’ll also get your place for £20 rather than £35 and that includes a drink (soft or boozy) and a bao.

For Companies: Should this be of interest, I host a more robust version of The Clarity Hour as a workshop delivered in your office to your employees. You can also use The Clarity Hour as part of your Wellbeing at Work strategy to offer employees the opportunity to attend independently of the company (like a perk). Please enquire directly if you would like to implement this.

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