How I went from being stuck in the same cycle for a year to being Unstoppable

I wrote a blog post earlier this year called “How I failed in my business and succeeded” – it was about failures that I was experiencing in my business (which is completely normal) and how I overcame them. Little did I know but I hadn’t completely overcome the challenges and found myself getting repeatedly stuck throughout the year.

I was Coaching clients, I was getting the clients I wanted to work with, I was helping them and they were succeeding. I was doing my marketing, posting value-based content on my social channels and in my newsletter, I was telling anyone who would listen to me who and what I did as a Coach but yet I was still getting stuck, demotivated and confused when I was trying to attract clients.

After another bout of doing a bunch of different things to try to attract my ideal client and not getting anywhere fast, I finally realised that I was confusing my clients as much as I was confusing myself! I finally realised that what I was saying in person to someone (which is how I was getting clients) was not what I was saying on my website or on my social channels – cue the  “aha” moment.

However, before I officially reached the “aha” moment I needed to reach into every part of my life to try to find the answers. When I did this, I realised that I hadn’t been doing all the things that I should have been doing so that I wouldn’t get stuck.

I had no community. I work alone and with clients. I wasn’t doing my morning routine of spirituality. I personally need this alone time to get through my day. I wasn’t eating right. I need to eat well for energy (I run a house, I’m a mum and I work two jobs.) I wasn’t sleeping well because every night after my son would go to bed,  I was using that time to try and get unstuck.

No sooner had I addressed these points, I was in contact with a professional about something completely different to my current woes and she asked me the questions that I wasn’t asking myself about my business. Within a few minutes, I knew exactly what had happened, what I needed to do and I got to putting that all down on paper. I revisited my goals, I realigned my thinking and EVERYTHING felt so much easier, that weight had been lifted and my excitement was unstoppable. 

So where am I now and why am I sharing this story with you?

What had happened to me this year, is what I help clients with. I got myself into a ‘doing’ state that was so intense, I lost myself, my focus and my goals and things weren’t going right for me.

By actually going through the process myself, I understood better how to communicate this through my marketing and in person and I was then able to define my Coaching practice more clearly.

Since this happened, I’ve created a community aligned with my business – so that I’m not alone, I’ve re-vamped the website and social channels and my plan moving forward. I’ve connected with incredible people who will be on this journey with me and I finally make sense.

So here it is:

“I help you prevent Burn-Out by creating more Balance in your life. Through effective Self-Care you can achieve your Goals.”

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