Do you ever just want to press the reset button on your life? When life just seems a little too much and you just want to start over at the press of a button. Sometimes it’s not financially or time-practical to literally escape from your life but there is a way to press reset especially if you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut for a while.

The first step is to reflect and try to understand what is causing the rut. It could be that you’re exhausted and need an actual break but equally, it could be that you haven’t been putting your needs first and instead giving to others and everything else. When you reflect, you need to go deep, passed that moment of discomfort – that’s truly where the magic happens. We often only reflect on ourselves to a certain point and as soon as it gets harder, we shelf it and continue in our rut. This deep dive is essential in raising your self awareness so that you can better manage yourself and your needs after a reset.

Following this, I suggest you change your environment for a day. Starting with the morning, only do for yourself. That means, brush your teeth, shower and make your own coffee and breakfast, then leave the house. Plan for this, arrange it with other family members if you have to. Just take a notebook and pen with you and plan to not engage on the phone for anything. Then just be. Just look around you, take in the sights, sounds and smells and just engage with them. Loosely think about what your ideal week looks like. As you start thinking, start jotting things down. When you feel like you’ve exhausted your week, put a daily schedule together like in the example below:

This is my current reset ideal week:

6:00 Wake up, gratitude, coffee

6:30 Yoga, intentions

7:00 Child’s morning routine

8:00 To do list for the day

8:30 Child to nursery

9:00 Exercise: Swim, Aqua class, Aerobic DVD, Cycle

10:00 Shower

10:30 Eat something nutritious, start work

13:00 Lunch and walk

14:00 Continue work

17:00 Finish work – Dependant on who is picking kid up from nursery

17:15 Cook nutritious meal for family

17:30 Eat dinner

18:00 Enjoy child, bath and bed

19:00 Watch one hour of mindless TV or tidy up house

20:00 Shower, start bedtime routine

21:00 Get into bed, decompress, gratitude, read, catch up with husband’s day

22:00 Sleep

Once you’ve done this, try to extend it to each day of the week. Chop and change content until you’re happy with what you’ve put together. Then, pick one thing that you can change and aim to implement it the following week. Make a plan for the subsequent weeks that allow you to add just one thing to your ‘ideal’ schedule and see what works and what doesn’t. Evaluate what needs more tweaking and what you might like to let go of.

Doing this is a realistic way of resetting when you can’t get away properly. Take your time with this and stay in a mindset of positivity, of change and of forward motion. Do not overwhelm yourself, you are creating the bigger picture here, of the things you want in your life. You must then be kind to yourself in order for them to actually happen by taking your time implementing the changes. Decide how you want each change to make you feel so that you look forward to the outcome rather than the action. Always focus on the outcome to keep you motivated.

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