I started 2019’s goals list with my health at the number 1 spot. Let’s just say, it has been a bit of a bumpy ride. You see I succumb to the busyness of my life with more busyness and repeat this cycle which then increases my stress levels and I keep restarting week after week after week. I can smash my work goals, my parenting goals, my partner goals but my weight is another thing entirely. Most of my struggle here includes habits formed as an adult, habits not formed since becoming a mum and childhood templates that say I have to exercise, I have to diet, I am ugly unless I am thin and it’s a constant battle between my good thoughts and my old thoughts – exhausting.

But I don’t give up. I am a relentless determined human and as a Coach I feel even more determined. I lose self-confidence in everything I do when I’m not feeling good in my body and as soon as I’m aware of it, something triggers in me that makes me go “Puja, it’s time to fix up” – this is the way I talk to myself and it works for me. So I’m currently fixing up. 

One of my clients is using the Louise Parker Method and she highly recommends it. She was kind to say that it’s everything we already know but Louise delivers it differently. I’ve since read the book, skimmed a lot because it is the way I think and have read through the week by week plan which works for those of us who do lead busy lives and so far, I’m all for it. One of the titles in this book is ‘Eat Beautifully’ and it really resonated with me. I used to love cooking, I used to love preparing and eating beautiful food – that’s how I bagged my husband! I used to go to farmer’s markets and play with courgette flowers! I used to try making different salad dressings and experimenting – then life got busy with a kid, a redundancy, a new business, a freelance business and social engagements that I can’t get out of. And I am suffering for it all. Not anymore, I tell you!

My point is this, Louise says to Eat Beautifully. Therefore, this is how your environment affects your wellbeing. The environment in which you live and work in should also be beautiful. Whether that’s just tidying up around you but also to extend this thought, dressing it up to be beautiful.

We see lovely flat lay images on Pinterest and Instagram of stunning work spaces, desks, offices, bedrooms, kitchens etc but how much do we actually do in our real lives?

In the same way when you see something beautiful like art or a landscape, a lovely environment will help your body relax, feel calm and you smile – reducing stress, creating a new beauty-led mindset for your work/specific room and you start winning a little more.

This is the last pillar of my 12 core pillars to great wellbeing and one that I love to be reminded of. The environment is also the wider environment and our part in it from grand gestures towards climate change, smaller ones, awareness and protection of the natural beauty that not only surrounds us but that is an essential factor in our existence. So whatever it is you want to change in your life, don’t forget to look to your environment too as a piece of that puzzle.

“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” – George Bernard Shaw

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