I recommend writing things down a lot as sometimes when thoughts whirl around in our minds we can be overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted so writing things out helps to ease the magnitude of the thoughts. I also use writing through blog posts as a cathartic way to manage my thoughts. 

During the c-word crisis I have been noting what people are talking about on social media and the many WhatsApp groups that I am in. Most content is memes and sharing of funny videos to do with the situation with a few opinionated posts about what the government is or isn’t doing.

I work in helping people manage their mental wellbeing whilst working on the changes they need to make to achieve their goals. I’ve seen some posts related to mental health, but in my opinion, not enough. I recently contributed to an article about losing jobs due to Coronavirus in which I shared some practical tips for those facing this reality. I also offered a free clarity and direction call (because if you’re freelance and out of work, you probably won’t have a lot of money and you should absolutely be prioritising food over anything else). It’s a half hour call, it’s me doing my bit to help the community/society. Being completely transparent, of course if they enjoy my support, perhaps when things settle and resume our new normal, they may hire me but this would be a bi-product of helping them right now. You see, I put myself in their position. I’ve not only been there myself but I am also going through a tough time due to current events so I can truly sympathise. Getting support, no matter what it is can be the difference in someone falling due to their situation leading to severe mental health challenges or not. At the moment, those struggling with their mental wellbeing will also have this increased stress to deal with and social distancing does not help. We need community, we need relationships and support to help mental health.

So what’s got my goat?

I put a post up on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram sharing the article that I contributed to asking people to have a read if they’re facing similar problems. These are the stats from that post:

FB – 2 likes, 1 comment

LI – Nothing

T – 2 likes

IN – 6 likes

I then shared it in my WhatsApp groups to radio silence. Then I shared it in a huge (60k+) Facebook group that I’m in, stating the free calls and for people to share the article in case someone could benefit from reading it. 3 likes. In the same group, as the day progressed, I had a look at the posts that were performing the best. One was from a photography company who was retaining some work and having to cancel others – over 400 likes and 50 comments. Another post gave pizzas for free to NHS staff – over 500 likes and over 80 encouraging comments. My post had 3 likes and no comments. 

We are ‘apparently’ raising the awareness of mental health challenges, we are sharing hashtags like #bekind yet when someone is actually in this space, actually helping there is radio silence. It has really upset me this week. I’m trying to work through the possible scenarios of why people haven’t engaged in the post. I thought perhaps people thought I was self promoting in an egotistical way (the piece was in The Telegraph), I thought maybe people are reading the piece but scared to like or comment, maybe my friends are sick of seeing me help people, maybe people think that I’m a liar and not doing what I say I am, maybe people just don’t know how to support someone like me? Or perhaps, I am doing it all wrong. Maybe people don’t need help, maybe what I’m doing isn’t good enough, maybe this isn’t what I was put here to do.

Whatever the case, everyone has mental health and everyone needs to protect their mental wellbeing. I, along with numerous others in this space want to and can help but only with the help of other people’s support. We don’t have thousands to spend on social media advertising, we can have free profiles with hundreds of ‘friends’ or connections, we can be in Facebook groups for free, all we’re doing is spreading awareness of what we do and how we can help. Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about what we do and instead hope that someone who needs us will miraculously dream us into their minds and then make the call. 

I’m just at a loss as to what is going on with society, with my own personal and professional networks. Why don’t people want to support the work I’m doing? It costs you nothing but a second to share or like something that could be seen by someone who really needs this help. Perhaps I will up-skill during this ‘quiet time’ – as I’m calling it – in human psychology because truly I’m at a point where I just don’t know what to think or do anymore.

Addendum – Ironically, this is the perfect time for Coaching but understandably, we’re keeping a hold of our ££’s. In a bid to be seen and with no budget, I took to LinkedIn with this post and I’m amazed at the results. Hopefully my next client is one of those 20,000 #survival

Human behaviour on Social media during Covid19

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