We are drowning in a sea of overwhelm. Burdened by our massive to-do lists and stifled by the requisite needs of familial, career and business obligations, it’s quite easy to see why we tend to veer off track. And with each passing day, it seems like we get further and further away from our goals rather than closer and closer to them.

In this Digital Age of technological revolutions and conveniences that seem to beckon us at every turn, what was once hailed and conveyed as life-altering benefits in this real-time era of instant-and-always-on communications afforded to us by the internet and its subsequent birth of social media, have arguably left the masses no further ahead than we were decades ago.

The truth? While the internet has most certainly provided us with accessibilities to on-demand services, commerce and interactions that were once far more complex, it’s also glued us to our devices. It’s easy to see how we get sidetracked by Facebook notifications or Twitter alerts and Instagram photo comments.

These distractions alter our perception of reality, sucking us into the digital ether, leaving us dismayed and beleaguered in our quests to achieve our goals. And as more and more of the globe’s population becomes connected to the ever-increasing-and-sprawling web, those initial conveniences afforded by that connectivity will further fall to the wayside as ever-growing distractions abound.

While so much has come out of the web, with both its pros and cons, today, for those that are willing to cut through the proverbial noise, life coaching offers a shortcut to achieving your dreams. It offers the clichéd”life hack,” or an alternative approach, to increased productivity and lessened attention to distractions.

And with the ease of use afforded by communication tools like Skype or FaceTime and iMessage, these individuals don’t need to travel the globe just to meet with their clients. Whether it’s to enhance your career, fulfil your goals, help you to grow and scale your business or drive more traffic to your website, digital coaches offer a golden ticket of sorts to achieving your life and business dreams.

It’s clear to see why they can be instrumental in assisting us with the achievement of our goals. Simply having someone that holds us accountable is one such way we can accomplish seemingly insurmountable goals. Life coaches are similar to their trainer counterparts, offering guidance and advice at the highest level of industries such as professional sports or entertainment.

Obviously, if you’re going to play life at the highest levels, or even if you intend to cut through some of the noise and cancel out distractions by having someone skilled enough to help move you closer and closer to your goals, you need guidance just as much as an entrepreneur needs a business coach or an athlete needs a sports coach.

These individuals are instrumental in our propensity for achievement. They’ve been through the ringer and they know just what it takes to succeed. They help us to chop down the time it takes to master a certain skill or understand an industry, acting as our partners as we move towards the desired outcomes in our lives.

The Importance Of Having A Digital Life Coach

What most people don’t realise is that time is more valuable than money. I have long professed the importance of time and the focus on passive-income-generating activities because I don’t believe in directly exchanging my time for money. Within our limited spectrum of knowledge, time, as we know it today, cannot be created or destroyed. It can’t be saved or replaced. Once it’s used, it’s gone forever.

Time is the great equaliser in life. Money, on the other hand, can be spent and earned. It can be lost and saved. It can be pilfered and squandered, or amassed in great fortunes. But not time. And that’s why time is so much more important than money. Once you understand that, you’ll govern your life far differently.

For that reason, life coaching offers a reprieve from the norm. It allows you to breakthrough your pre-existing limitations, giving you the ability to achieve your loftiest goals. And the beauty of this in the Digital Age is that it can be done from anywhere. No matter where you are on this earth, you can find someone to help you achieve anything you desire to achieve.

Remote work is nothing new. The biggest problem that abounds is finding someone who helps to support you, someone who helps you recognise and see the problems that have been repeatedly wreaking havoc in your life, causing you to falter and fail as you reach towards your goals. That part isn’t as easy.

Published on Forbes.com – R.L. Adams is a software engineer, serial entrepreneur, and author. He runs a wildly-popular blog called Wanderlust Worker and contributes to Entrepreneur, Engadget and the Huffington Post.