This stretches from finding the right job for you, a company that makes you want to stay and progress, right through to setting up your own business and achieving your career goals. We all have some idea of what we want but when we’re ‘adulting’ without a compass, sometimes we can get stuck and remain fixed in a role or company that doesn’t actually suit our needs and values. We work together to map out where it is you want to go in your career, how much money you want to earn and what you want to do with that money (amongst other things.)


Kind of like Self-Care but a little different. You need the self-care part in order to look after your health but there may be specific goals you have in mind like getting to your preferred weight/size, getting more active in general, managing a chronic illness etc. Together we plan what needs to be done in order to make you happy with managing these challenges and create strategies when things don’t go to plan – which happens, a lot. It’s life. And it’s perfectly ok to ‘fail’ every now and then. This is when we learn, we tweak and we really get to owning our health goals.


This is a ‘hot’ topic right now, you could even say a trend but in reality, it’s not. It’s something you can and should be doing everyday in order to keep yourself happy. This isn’t airy fairy. These are simple things like not looking at your phone before you do anything for yourself. It’s ensuring you have enough time in the morning for you, before you give yourself to the commute/work etc. Working together, we will create a daily routine that will make you a lot happier, help with getting you unstuck in any area of your life and generally make you unstoppable.


When you’re single, those bouts of loneliness can really take their toll and affect every other area of your life. The aimless dating, the constant reminders around you that you’re single and the misery in-between can really get you down. But do you have an actual plan to achieve your love goals? We make one. Try going 100 dates in 6 months, you’re sure to increase your chances of meeting someone! And if you’re struggling with your companion or need some help with communicating better with your colleagues, friends, family, we also look at how your personal life is affecting those relationships and create actions to overcome them.


Whilst you’re thinking about whether you’re ready to take control of your life and steer it in the way you want it to go, sign up to my Newsletter. You get a Free Ask Me Anything Day which could be useful whilst you’re deciding.

And if you’re wondering about the cost… Well, I offer a value-based fee structure. Your investment is based on how much value you put on your life to achieve your goals – taking into account affordability, of course. I believe that Coaching should not be a luxury. It’s a very real, very beneficial support option for your life which comes without judgment. So if you’re ready to WIN and become unstuck, I very much look forward to hearing from you.



Coaching tips, thought-provoking articles, giveaways, reminders for self-care and a free Ask Me Anything day!


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Coaching tips, thought-provoking articles, giveaways, reminders for self-care and a free Ask Me Anything day!

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