Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is the study of excellence. It is an attitude of learning, curiosity and respect for unique ways of being in the world. Over the years NLP has uncovered an increasing number of tools and techniques for discovering what constitutes excellence. In particular, it is a means of finding the essence of that excellence - the difference that makes the difference - and doing so in such a way that it can be coded and reproduced.  

We can have excellence at our fingertips, available whenever we choose. As a result, we can be Coached to consistently achieve the results that we want for ourselves, our business and our life.

In very simple terms, NLP is where we change the way we think and speak in order to change the way we act so that we can achieve the results we want.  It basically changes the way we have been doing things so that our outcomes change for the better.

Neuro refers literally to our brains (thoughts and how we process them.)  Linguistic refers to what we say (working together to ensure that in order to achieve the outcomes we want, both mind and speak is in sync.) Programming is just that.  By consciously changing the way we think and speak, we programme ourselves to change.

  • NLP is a means of finding the essence of excellence: We all have the capabilities of being excellent. NLP techniques will uncover what it is that makes you excellent so that you can apply it to your goals in life.
  • NLP is the study of what works: By looking at what works for you, we are constantly moving in a forward direction which will help you to achieve your goals more easily.
  • We learn habits - some good, some bad: We all do this, it is ingrained.  With NLP we learn which habits are good and use those to apply new strategies for managing our bad habits.
  • We run our lives by strategies: From your morning routine, to catching a specific train through to where you lunch and how many times you wash your clothes, we create strategies (generally) to make our lives easier and therefore better.  We are therefore able to  manage those strategies and enhance them to achieve our goals.
  • NLP has increased in relevance over time: We need to learn to use technology in ways that are creative and different.  And it is the combination of 'thinking about thinking' and technology that will set the new breed of leaders and independent business owners apart from the rest.
  • Excellence is context specific: Many business models fail because they assume that what works in one environment will work in another, yet what makes a leading entrepreneur successful in one environment may be quite different to what constitutes success in another.

NLP is a means of coding excellence and enhancing it so that you can establish what really works for you in your environment and with your skills.

FRANKLY COACHING specialises in the areas of PERFORMANCE and WELL-BEING.  Click on the links below to learn more about how NLP techniques are applied to those areas or give me a call and I'll be happy to explain further.




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