I discovered Reiki as part of my personal recovery from Depression. I was recommended treatments and then I decided to be initiated myself. I believe in the power and benefits of Reiki healing and have converted even the most dubious of clients!
I offer a complimentary Reiki session to all my Coaching clients as this helps us build rapport instantly. Often times, I reveal insights I have experienced from the client during the treatment that I would never have been able to know which helps to create an instant bond between us.

Reiki can help with:

Physical conditions: Any body pains.
Mental conditions: Stress. Depression. Anxiety. Panic. Lack of concentration. Insomnia. Negative thinking. Mental burdens.
Emotional conditions: Low self-esteem. Emotional distance and unavailability. Hot emotions like anger or jealousy. Grief. Fears. Inability to cope.
Spiritual conditions: Disconnection from self and life. Loss of meaning. Spiritual seeking. Not knowing life direction or purpose.

I truly enjoyed your beautiful energy and how you share it with who you ‘touch’, you have a special gift – treasure it. I can’t believe that you were spot on with what you fed back to me! I look forward to more special treatments with you.

- Kaat, London

You’ve so much energy, wow! It was interesting you picked up on some very personal issues I’m going through and relieved my headache which I didn’t tell you about!

- Nichola, London

You’re a beautiful loving person, I’m so grateful I met you! I was a skeptic of Reiki and never had it before. One session with you and I’m converted! I’m amazed you picked up on certain things, wow.

- Farrah, London

I’m someone who doesn’t usually believe in alternative therapies and having had Reiki before (twice) and felt nothing, I wasn’t expecting much. However, you amazed me. To pick up on my emotional barriers to my family was a complete and utter shock. Thank you for the experience.

- Gideon, London


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Puja K McClymont is a Certified, highly effective NLP Life & Business Coach and powerful Reiki Practitioner in London, working with clients to achieve their goals & live better.


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