The benefits of Detox for your entire body 

How often do you detox? Do you know how much your body has to do all the time? Your organs have a hell of job to do just to keep you alive, it’s probably quite exhausting, taxing and as we’re dying from the moment we’re born, they probably start slowing down year after year – like a machine. So how can you look after your insides? By detox of course!Read More

8 Ways being Physical will Transform your Life

“Let’s get physical, physical, I wanna get physical physical”

Whenever I say the word physical, I want to break into song! Lucky for you, this is a blog post and not a sound post. This song is a funny and vivid reminder though of spandex, tights and Jane Fonda workouts (clearly this reference applies to the over 30’s) but it always makes me giggle and literally want to do the skipping movement from those aerobics videos.

Read More

5 ways Food affects you achieving your goals

You may have read that title and thought “huh, how can food possibly affect me achieving my goals?” Well, it can and it’s a fascinating topic.

I’ve always been obsessed with food mainly because I’m pretty scared of it. I was brought up with the saying “once on the lips, a lifetime on the hips” and unfortunately, it’s stayed with me. Read More

’Tis the season for Reflection – indulge in yourself

It’s been a month of reflection over here at Frankly Coaching HQ and for good reason. I have had a busy one in 2018. Mostly working on my business so that I can do this full time but mainly because trying to get the balance right between work, my kid, my husband, my clients (both marketing and coaching clients), socialising, keeping up with housework and family – has been one hell of a struggle!Read More

5 Self-Care Strategies to Manage Stress Better in the New Year

One of my top tips is to plan your time off for the entire year, in advance. Do it whilst you’re having time off over Christmas because this is a key time for reflection. You’ll be reflecting about family and friends – how you want to see each other more. You’ll be thinking, how quickly the year has passed and how much you did or didn’t achieve. You’ll be considering your body, how well or how tired you are. You’ll be looking at your kids, so happy to see them happy – mostly because you’re spending time with them.  Read More

How employees REALLY feel at the office in December

This is quite probably the laziest blog post I’ve ever written and the irony, is that I am my own boss!!! Inspired by the first of the month and all the BS we’ll no doubt experience at a ‘year-end’ high at the office, here’s a host of memes about the way you may truly feel. It’s just a bit of fun, ‘cos laughter is needed every now and again. New Year, New Career #justsaying (p.s it’s purposefully not formatted perfectly.)Read More

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