Dating and Self-respect

I had 3 weddings to the same man so on our anniversaries, I get to thinking about love and our relationship and all that marriage/relationship stuff. On one of our anniversaries, I randomly started thinking about my past. Admittedly I opened up a rabbit hole that I usually avoid and it really did go deeper and deeper and inspired me to write this post.

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Is it Possible to Avoid Depressions’ Downward Spiral?

When I had depression, the downward spiral had a starring role in my life. This is before I even knew I was suffering from depression. It didn’t matter what the event was, if I could mount the top of the spiral, I would do it, automatically and keep going down and down and down until I was literally on the floor hugging myself in tears – sometimes even scratching myself with the sheer anger and heart-wrenching sadness that was filling every inch of me.

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How to Press Reset on your Life

Do you ever just want to press the reset button on your life? When life just seems a little too much and you just want to start over at the press of a button. Sometimes it’s not financially or time-practical to literally escape from your life but there is a way to press reset especially if you’ve been feeling stuck in a rut for a while.

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It’s not you, it’s me. You’re right, it is you!

Most of us have heard this ‘lame’ line in break-ups but what if I told you that it may not actually be lame? That it may actually be the full blown truth but it’s too difficult for us to accept the flaws we have, so it’s just easier to say this rather than have a full-blown moment of self-reflection in a break-up. Read More

The Number 1 Tool to Ensure Success in Life

I’m sure, like me, you’ve read up on these success lists, what the most powerful people do in their mornings, how to be successful at parenting and working, through to top tips on anything to do with winning at life but the most effective and the most talked about tool to achieve true success is BELIEF. I’ve put it in capitals because I am shouting it. Belief in yourself. Honestly, you need to have that and I mean really have that deep rooted belief in yourself to be able to succeed at anything you put your mind to.

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