It’s not you, it’s me. You’re right, it is you!

Most of us have heard this ‘lame’ line in break-ups but what if I told you that it may not actually be lame? That it may actually be the full blown truth but it’s too difficult for us to accept the flaws we have, so it’s just easier to say this rather than have a full-blown moment of self-reflection in a break-up. Read More

The Number 1 Tool to Ensure Success in Life

I’m sure, like me, you’ve read up on these success lists, what the most powerful people do in their mornings, how to be successful at parenting and working, through to top tips on anything to do with winning at life but the most effective and the most talked about tool to achieve true success is BELIEF. I’ve put it in capitals because I am shouting it. Belief in yourself. Honestly, you need to have that and I mean really have that deep rooted belief in yourself to be able to succeed at anything you put your mind to.

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What to do when you’re Feeling Stuck

Easy answer, call me ☺️ Before you do that though, you’ll probably spend days and weeks googling the hell out of feeling stuck, trying to look for the reason why you’re feeling stuck on countless web pages, perhaps get distracted by ads promising your whole life transformation in minutes if you ‘do the one thing’ or buy something. You’ll continue this cycle, you’ll try different things to help alleviate your feeling stuck and at the end of it, you’ll probably still be stuck and either give in to those feelings and accept life as it is which will no doubt surface as depression down the line.

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How to Talk about Depression at Home or at Work

Talking about depression can be really difficult. It’s important that you know the facts about depression and specifically, your depression because it’s on a scale. There is no one absolute diagnosis for depression as those who have experienced it will be at different spokes of the spectrum. For instance not everyone who is experiencing depression will be suicidal. Not everyone will be fatigued. It’s important to know what your specific symptoms are so that you can more easily and clearly know how to talk about depression at home or at work.

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Travel as Therapy: The rise of the Healing Holiday

Travel can do wonders for everyone if done regularly and with awareness – obviously not in the clinical sense (before I get in trouble with various counsels) but from a therapeutic perspective. What I mean here is that you’re not just booking a holiday because you’re so overwhelmed/stressed out that you need to run away and escape to 30 degree heat and room service. I’m talking about planning your entire year around your time away rather than the usual way we do it, around work. Some people already do this and I’m pretty sure they‘re happier for it. You see, this is where your values come into play. What’s most important to you? You can’t just say health and then burn yourself to the ground before you take time for yourself. 

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How to Manage Change Effectively

“Change Nothing and Nothing Changes”

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Change: Love it or Loathe it. Change however, is inevitable. No matter what the change is, whether in your control or not, change will occur and we have to learn to deal with it. Most of the loathers of change have difficulty with it because of the fear of the unknown. Though if we plan and prepare for the potential outcomes of change, we can start to reduce the overwhelm and anxiety associated with it and as a result protect our mental health and learn to embrace change for all that it delivers. Of course change is not always nice, the passing of a loved one isn’t going to bring happy change feelings however, there is an element of planning that can be done in this instance also to help you continue living. My point here is that no matter the change, a little careful consideration can go a long way to helping you manage the change so that you can look after yourself in the process.Read More

Why Delegation is good for your Health

This year started off very exciting for me. We had decided to sell our flat and start our steps to a new life in Spain, I had carved out my personal health goals, my family’s health goals and my business goals. I had assessed how I wanted to be as a person this year and so far, everything is moving forward – at different paces – but essentially, all in a forward motion. How does that make me feel? “Fabulous!”Read More

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