My experience of this retreat is one I will treasure for the rest of my life. I have felt more confidence in myself and my choices since being here and truly trusting myself throughout. I have made connections with incredible people individually and felt safe and secure with all members of the group. Learning about my own qualities as shared by the group has warmed my heart and made me feel loved and appreciated for being my true self. The retreat has allowed me to start loving myself, to see and hear what others see in me. I have eaten new foods that 1 year ago would have made me feel so anxious and I have done this because of the support from Puja and the group and also having confidence and trust in myself. I have belief in myself that I CAN feel better, I have the ability to make changes in my life which has been evident which I have already achieved in the last 6 months alone.

The retreat has given me breathing space, a peaceful mind and strength I never knew I had. This has been the space I really needed at a point in life where my career had really mentally and physically drained me. I have benefitted from having detached from that intensity. I feel like I have pushed myself out of my comfort zone both physically and emotionally, taking back the yoga and pilates practice and introducing this into my daily life and meditation!

To Puja and the whole group, you are all just incredible individuals and have all individually taught me something and supported me so much. I am so grateful for the smiles, laughter and your openness/vulnerability within the group. I will treasure this experience with you all and couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to spend a week with.