Many things have happened during the retreat in Spain. I didn’t have any expectation except working on my goal to change from a negative mindset to positive. Each day was different and somehow the process was going into a good direction. At the beginning, I was feeling a bit resistant to exercises and teacher but it has been changing whilst doing the exercise or practice.

As the days were going on I was feeling that I am in a good place, I loved how the teachers approached the group. I started to feel the shift inside me from the second day when I was told by the yoga teacher, Elisa that she feels strength with me. I felt inside me that some blockage was removed.

As the days were passing on the more magic started to happen. I was happy that nobody negatively judged me that I didn’t come once for a meditation and yoga practice. It was like a balsam for my soul. i noticed that my thoughts started to be more positive each day. I loved the food we were eating, it was very well balanced and nutritious and there was always a second portion for me.

The group of people was amazing. Each person brought a unique personality. It was like a perfect palette of colours. And during these few days we created some fantastic and positive moments. I’m very thankful and grateful for meeting these people.

I think blessed that I met also the amazing teachers what I have already mentioned earlier. If I could sum up, I would say: Puja – the great communicator and facilitator, Elisa – the queen and wizard of yoga and body, Kate – a gentle touch and spark.

Of course that I also experienced some doubt and down moments. But in fact the biggest doubt moment was the first evening after dinner but then the feeling disappeared.

I feel happy that I listened to my hear and I chose the retreat over a wedding in Greece. It’s good to listen to your heart. It was a great chapter, let’s see what happens next.

Dear Puja, Thank you very much for organising this retreat. It was really magic time that I spent with you and the rest of the people. I admire your work, your organisational, listening, communication skills. I’m super happy that I met you and that I participated in your retreat. I would be happy to participate in your next retreat.