Well-being - quite the elusive word.  It's gained a lot of attention of late which is great but it's not just about being skinny, running marathons on weekends, becoming a vegan, meditating or doing Yoga etc etc.

In Coaching terms, Well-being is just that, being well.  The art of living well however, is another thing completely and this is where a Coach comes in.  You see, as much as it is related to your physical and mental health, Well-being is also affected by work, relationships, environment and community.  If anything is 'out of sync' your Well-being will be affected.  As a NLP Coach, I will work with you to find the root of your excellence so that you can achieve the Well-being goals you want.  These can then be sustained and you'll consistently live your life well everyday.

If you've been feeling like you're stuck in a rut, in a constant 'I'll do it on Monday' state of mind - a Coach can really help you get unstuck and actually focus in on what you really want rather than what you think you want.  A lot of the time, what we're striving for with our health isn't always what we think it is.

Think about the following questions.  These are just a few examples of questions that you'll be asked when you want to improve your Well-being. With the answers, we then build on those to clearly define what you need to do and how you're going to do it.

  • How's your sleep?  
  • How often do you socialise?
  • How much spare time do you have?
  • How often do you travel?
  • Do you go outside often?
  • How much do you like your work ?
  • How are your relationships?
  • Do you think you eat and drink well?
  • How do you manage stress?
  • Do the people around you enjoy you?
  • Are you living the life you always wanted..?

Click on the Infographics below for some inspiring content. Image Credits: Pinterest