Easy answer, call me ☺️ Before you do that though, you’ll probably spend days and weeks googling the hell out of feeling stuck, trying to look for the reason why you’re feeling stuck on countless web pages, perhaps get distracted by ads promising your whole life transformation in minutes if you ‘do the one thing’ or buy something. You’ll continue this cycle, you’ll try different things to help alleviate your feeling stuck and at the end of it, you’ll probably still be stuck and either give in to those feelings and accept life as it is which will no doubt surface as depression down the line.

So how can you avoid this? Like I said in the opening, call me ☺️ or sign up to my newsletter at least because in Coach &GO Mail, I actually have an active dialogue with my mailing list and help them on a weekly basis. Change doesn’t come at the click of a button. The choice to change in itself takes time, I know that, therefore signing up, gives you the time to actively think about change and then when you’re ready, you’ll call me.

I like to make my blog posts useful and I get a lot of feedback from readers who really appreciate this so I’ve put together an easy ‘how to’ guide that you can try out to determine what might be happening inside you that’s causing you to feel stuck. Remember, most of the stuck feeling is coming from a lack of purpose or clarity – we need purpose, otherwise what’s the point? Who wants to just go to work, pay bills and die?! There are other options, we can all do them and I’m here to show you how.

What to do when you’re feeling stuck:

  1. Make a list of what you like and dislike about your life – Put everything on this list from work, home-life, relationships (with everyone) and of course, yourself. Go to town with this list, it’s the only time I allow clients to be super critical of themselves. We need to know what’s really going on with you, inside your head.

  2. Make a list of what you want your life to look like – Make this list as a big as you want it. Include things in there that you don’t think you can have like those that are tied to money or out of your control (like having a baby). 

  3. Write down your ideal day – Now this shouldn’t be your ideal day because you’re currently exhausted and need a break so your ideal day consists of cocktails on a beach served by a JLO or Chris Hemsworth, we’re talking about from when you wake, your morning routine, your commute, your work environment, what happens when you get home, your sleep routine etc. Get into the details. When I say details, I mean the type of toothbrush you use and the type of coffee you drink! When you’re thinking about the details, you start visualising, when you start imagining the tastes, smells, sounds and feels, your mind will get excited.

  4. Find your happy – Take a step back into your life and find a point or a few points that you can categorically say that you were happy (even if for a day), hold on to that thought and analyse what was happening in your life to quantify that happiness. Write it down. If there are activities that you were doing like cycling, colouring, netball, socialising – things you may not be doing right now – write those down.

  5. Ask yourself: What would it take to achieve the kind of life that would make me happy? – You have a lot of the content now from doing these tasks. Go through your ideal life and see what you could realistically do.

Fair warning, this task may overwhelm you. It may take you deep into feelings of sadness and question your self-worth. That’s called fear and I call it out in my practice. The truth is, fear is the only thing standing in your way to achieve all the things you want. Fear was created to stifle and to keep us all in particular boxes. That’s why I always say, it’s your choice if you want something different. It’s your choice if you want things to change. It’s also your choice if you want your life to stay exactly how it is. Change takes time, you have to be ready to change before you can change. 

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