This year started off very exciting for me. We had decided to sell our flat and start our steps to a new life in Spain, I had carved out my personal health goals, my family’s health goals and my business goals. I had assessed how I wanted to be as a person this year and so far, everything is moving forward – at different paces – but essentially, all in a forward motion. How does that make me feel? “Fabulous!”

Not long after we decided to put our house up for sale did stress start creeping in. It has been mounting up every week and at some points has seemed as though it wouldn’t release from me. Every element of selling our home has been stressful. They say that moving is one of the most stressful things you can do – having experienced it for the first time this year – my key takeaway is the lack of control. The constant having to chase everyone – to do their job, I might add! The stress just kept on mounting and whilst in the thick of it, I couldn’t see any way out. Until, I looked at everything differently.

I decided that I needed to do something drastic to reduce some of this stress because if I’m overly stressed or not managing my stress, I won’t achieve or even continue on the path to achieve my goals for the year; and I could burnout. Having burned out before, I sure as hell will not allow that to happen again! So, I became a delegation superhero! Yes, I like things done a certain way, I am a ‘control freak’ and I think I will always do a better job but when I took a step back from all of my stresses, I realised something… The moving parts of all the stresses are black and white, they are absolute therefore my ‘control’ issues do not play a part, so long as I choose to let go of the control. No sooner had I changed my mindset, was I feeling a little lighter.

How is delegation good for our health? By letting go of certain aspects of stress, empowering yourself to let go, making the choice to let go, you release yourself of unnecessary stress.The keyword here is unnecessary – a lot of our stress is unnecessary but until we choose to see that, we will continue on the downward spiral towards burnout.

Here are 3 ways delegation is good for your health with practical examples that you can use:

  1. At Work: You know that one person who always wants to be the apple of the bosses’ eye? Delegate to them. By making the conscious decision to ‘ask for their help’ they think you’re the weak one needing them but actually, you’re the one that is in control by actively choosing to delegate to them. Sounds sneaky but it’s not. You’re going to delegate things that aren’t important to you but that will make them feel good or help them progress in their career and be seen by the boss. You relieve some of your workload to another who is happy to take it but you also don’t lose control by making the active choice.

  2. At Home: You do everything around the house. Stop. Make a decision to only take care of you, your things, your environment and those less able. The other adult in the house will soon take on their role. If they don’t, a little communication is required. This may come across as passive aggressive but it’s not. It’s you taking control of what you can handle and making the choice to delegate the rest to another able-bodied adult in the home. If you’re the only adult in the home, throw money at the problems. Get a cleaner, sign up to a food subscription box, send the washing to a dry cleaner – you have a choice to be overly stressed or to reduce your stresses, so choose wisely.

  3. In relationships: If you’re the one always taking the lead. Stop. Allow the other person a chance to step in. Let them learn about you and the things you can do together. By backing off a little, you create the space for learning about each other and the relationship whilst reducing potential resentment. Every thing in your life that has you in control of it will eventually take its toll on your health, it’s important therefore to be able to delegate wherever possible and this includes dating and relationships.

It’s imperative to note that delegation is not weakness. Delegation is a smart move. Delegation is good for your health because its a conscious, mindful choice you have made. You are in control of your life, your stresses, your joys therefore if something requires a tweak, you need to make a decision to make it happen. Understand that delegation is not letting your power go, the power you hold is in the ability to confidently choose to delegate.

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