Being on the retreat had affected me in more ways that I expected. As a pilates teacher its given me confidence in myself and my ability, its made me want to develop and learn more and its brought me closer to finding my purpose.
On a personal level its made me realise that his is just the start of a much longer journey to helping myself mend, adapt and grow. I’ve realised some of the things missing from my life or that I need to tap into more so I can get to where I need to be – eg my spiritual side, detoxing my life, more calm/quiet, more time for me. I’ve also realised that it’s ok to be vulnerable and open and that’s part of the journey and allows me to be free and feel supported.

The retreat has also surprised me – its made me cry with sadness, empathy and laughter! Its made me hear things about myself that I’d forgotten, its given me a new community of friends connecting on a deeper, more meaningful level than most, its made me not want to leave but also ready to leave at the same time. Its given me thoughts and feelings I’ll never forget. Its made me feel a bit more me again. Its reminded me how beautiful people and nature can be. I can’t wait to do it all again!

Beautiful Puja! You are such a wonderful human. Thank you for organising this, for believing in me, for being there for me when I needed it, for being a friend, for your positive energy, for your wisdom, for connecting me with these amazing people, this stunning location and myself. Lastly, thanks for just being! I’m looking forward to my journey ahead and mostly the next retreat!