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Travel as Therapy

If work has got too much Frankly coaching retreat, Eastwell Manor, Kent.

This is aimed at those who want to change career path, improve wellbeing or simply feel overwhelmed. Read More

How To Make January 2019 Your Happiest Yet, From Those Who Know How

January can be a tough time for a lot of people – you’ve got the post-Christmas comedown to contend with, the time has come to head back to work, and it seems like payday will never arrive. Not to mention the fact it’s cold and dark. 

But there are people out there for whom January marks the start of something new after a difficult December. People who welcome the New Year with hope, positivity and motivation. Read More

As women, we must connect to our anger – even when we’re told not to

Things become even more complicated when you consider intersectionality. Puja McClymont, a life and business coach and NLP practitioner, is South Asian, like me, and I ask whether belonging to a BAME community can compound the anger issue. “AGREE,” she wrote back in capitals.  Read More

Women Are Using This Jewellery To Deal With Their Anxiety

Restlessness and fidgeting can also be attributed to anxiety and depression and, with an estimated one in four Brits experiencing mental health issues, it’s natural people would be interested in purchasing products that may help alleviate them.  Read More

10 Steps to Help Balance Life as a Mum for National Balance Week 

An easy 10 step guide to understand some of the most important elements that will help us stay balanced as a new mum. Read More

How To Identify And Make The Most Out Of Your Everyday Champions.

Tapping into the right social network can take your career and life goals from average to stratospheric. Put simply: it’s a great way of making the most of your ideas and keep you going if doubts start creeping in.

“It’s imperative to have someone in your corner. Even though you’re accountable to yourself, there’s something in us that makes achieving a lot more successful if we know we have to check in with someone on our progress. Read More

Interview with Yasmeen Khan about prejudice in the Asian community.

One of my personal Goals is to help change the conversation within the Asian community. I was invited on to BBC 3 Counties Radio to share my story.  Listen Below:

What marrying an Afro-Caribbean man taught me about prejudice in the Asian community.

One of my personal Goals is to help change the conversation within the Asian community with regards the various stigmas surrounding race. In this article I talk with Poorna Bell about my own journey of being in an interracial relationship and the experiences we have had within the Asian community from both young and old.  Read More

Ask an adult: Is it ever a good idea to quit your job and go travelling?

Travelling, Puja reflects, simply makes ‘you value life more’. She says ‘when you are working in a city environment, everything is taken for granted. You are working pay cheque to pay cheque. You lose perception and reality of what is real, and what your values are. Travel opens your mind to how other people live. I think you will live a better life when you come back’. Read More

What’s holding you back? – Life Coach Puja McClymont provides some exercises to help combat fear and help you reach your potential. 

Fear often holds us back from fulfilling our potential. Fear manifests in various guises from not having enough money, fear of failing, not having enough confidence and the usual bouts of stress and anxiety of change. As a Life Coach, I regularly see fear as the prime reason people get stuck and find it difficult to realise their plans, goals and dreams. Read More

Ask an adult: Is it ever a good idea to quit your job and go travelling?.

There’s a misnomer about travelling, which Puja sums up perfectly. ‘It is not the same as a holiday. Travelling is a different form of living. You don’t have everything in a convenient little resort for you, you have to figure out your day to day life while moving around’. Read More

Is it ever a good idea to quit your job and go travelling? 

Puja K McClymont, a life and business coach for ‘fierce millennials’ says that you need to ‘ask five times from the first time you ask that question’. She adds: ‘If you said “I want more from my life”, then ask what exactly do you want more from? Is it sunshine? A clean break? And so on. Then you can drill down to the deepness of the issue’. Read More

You’re not Meditating if you’re using an App.

When someone says to me that they meditate, I feel inspired by them and humbled that they can include this ancient discipline from the East into their lives. I do however, get pretty annoyed when they say “Yh, I’ve got this great app that I use.” If you are TRULY meditating, you don’t use technology!!! Read More

The Art of War – Interview

Sun Tzu had the intelligence to adjust and change course, to do things different from the past. Our special guest today, Ms. Puja McClymont, a certified NLP life and business coach and founder of Frankly Coaching, has the same mindset. Read More

Being Active for Success – Interview

A few years ago I had depression and one of the main tools I used to help get me back to centre was exercise. Since then, it’s been imperative for me to include it in my busy schedule for the good of my health. I have a tendency to gain weight easily which is always attributed to stress that I’m not managing well, so in order to be well in both body and mind, I need to stay active. Read More

An Interview with Frankly Coaching

My guest is the delightful Puja of Frankly Coaching, a NLP Performance & well-being coach. Puja specialises in working with women from Generation XY – The Millennials and I was keen to know more about her, her work and her Frankly Women 12 week programme. Read More

Can you truly learn how to Meditate using Apps?

The point of meditation is to be in silence and at peace with your self. It is a way for your mind and body to relax and connect to its spirit. It’s a way of aligning your self, being grateful and setting you up for your day ahead. It helps set your intentions for the day, gives strength to your body for all it has to endure in your ‘normal’ day. Read More

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