Personal Coaching Case Study

Coaching for Confidence

Alex, QA Engineer

Alex and I met at a Yoga retreat in Portugal in 2017. I was there as a participant and available for Life Coaching discovery sessions.

Alex booked a 30 minute session with me to explore some of the challenges he was facing in his personal life. We hit it off and got to know each other over the course of the trip. 

When we came back to the UK, Alex got in touch and wanted to explore Coaching to help him move through his challenges and to help him build more confidence.

Client’s Goals for Coaching

The process of goal setting is in three stages. The first, when the client makes contact with me. The second, when they fill out a discovery questionnaire and the third, when they define the purpose of their goals. 

  1. Meet someone I feel I have a romantic connection with – I’ll know I’ve succeeded when I’ve been on dates with the same girl at least 3 times.
  2. Improve focus on what I’m doing in the moment – I’ll know I’ve succeeded when I spend less than 1 hour procrastinating each day, I don’t think about other things when I’m in a conversation with someone.
  3. Socialise on a more regular basis – I’ll know I’ve succeeded when I find a regular activity or group of people that I feel comfortable with that gives me a chance to meet new people.

Results of Coaching for Confidence

At the end of a programme, each client is given these wrap up questions to help them see where they have grown and achieved confidence.

The information below is provided by the client in their own words. Please click on a question to see the client’s response.

1. What specifically have I achieved during the coaching period? 

  • Embraced my new job, getting involved with a lot of new social activities that I would not have done before
  • Dated 2 girls, 1 for 3 months with which I felt some connection and chemistry. I also handled ending things in a way I feel stayed true to myself
  • Settled into my new flat, making time for chores and cooking

2. How am I different / What am I doing differently as a direct result of coaching?

  • Thinking more positively by assessing what the worst that can happen is before going into situations that are likely to cause anxiety
  • Less judgemental – specifically examples of 2 people at work who I did not feel comfortable with at first but are both good people
  • More confident in myself and how I come across as a person

3. What are my top 3 goals and dreams in life right now?

  1. Find a girl to settle down with and have children
  2. Help implement a progression within my department at work, and achieve a promotion/pay rise after my probation ends
  3. Master 10 cooking recipes to achieve a healthy diet

4. What are my top 5 priorities in life as I now understand them?

  1. Looking after myself by eating well and getting enough exercise and rest
  2. Socialise to meet new people, widening my friend group and increasing the chances of meeting someone
  3. Perform my best at work and continue to learn
  4. Help my brother look after himself better, specifically regarding eating 
  5. Travelling to new destinations and having new experiences

5. What limiting beliefs have I let go of?

  • Coming across as too quiet in person
  • I’m not attractive or smart enough to rely on either to attract people
  • Assuming I know what other people are thinking/feeling

6. What positive new beliefs do I have?

  • I can be confident without the approval of others
  • I will know when a relationship feels right or wrong
  • My current friends and family are enough support – opening up to them I feel much more supported than before but also that I can support them more

7. What specifically have I learned about myself?

  • My low energy is likely linked to my overthinking
  • Writing things down reduces the intensity of my thoughts, almost as much as talking them through with someone 
  • When I have my confidence, I can be fun and flirty without trying too hard – I should chill out more

8. What have I learned during the coaching process that I will carry forward in life?

  • To question further to get closer to the root of a problem/anxiety
  • To prepare for stressful/anxious situations in a way that the worst is taken away before starting 
  • To question thoughts and feelings in a calm and methodical manner (reducing the chances of overthinking)

9. What has been the best bit of the coaching for me?

  • Regular support and reassurance
  • Being called out on limiting beliefs
  • ‘Emergency’ support to relax a racing mind

10. What are the best things about my life?

  • I have very little to actually worry about
  • I have the freedom and money to do what I want to do
  • I have a lot of supportive friends and colleagues

11. What ONE piece of advice would I give myself to take forwards?

  • Chill out and enjoy my life more

How the client gained Confidence

Alex worked through various limiting beliefs by way of a  personal coaching programme. He also attended a retreat for 5 days in Spain which further developed his goals for socialising. 

We specifically focussed on the following:

  • Identifying what had been holding him back from letting go of a destructive relationship. 
  • How he wanted to develop his self-confidence in social situations and with dating.
  • Reviewing his overthinking patterns and creating new ways to work through anxiety-inducing thoughts.
  • Digging deep to discover the root causes of judgemental tendencies that were blocking his confidence.
  • Being more mindful and present with his life so that he could enjoy the process of achieving his life goals.


The first time I met Puja, before signing up to her coaching, she immediately made me feel at ease. She was able to spot the confidence within me and help bring it to the surface, helping me open up to the wider group we were with at the time.

Since my coaching with Puja has started, I feel more focused and confident. I was at a very low point due to the end of a life-changing relationship, and she helped me to focus and calm my thoughts through a variety of techniques that I will continue to use in my life going forwards.

This was supported by her undeniable ability to find the root of what I’m saying/feeling and present it back to me, for us to work through together.

Its not always been easy, but at all times I’ve felt fully supported, and I would highly recommend Puja’s services to anyone looking for help.

Attending the retreatComing into the retreat I could feel my confidence and lack of anxiety from the work I’ve done over the last year. I felt much freer and ready to be open than at last year’s retreat.

It’s been incredibly fulfilling to see the change in myself in the last year and for everyone to truly see Alex 2.9. I plan on taking everything I’ve learnt and experienced to move to Alex 3.0 and onwards.

Puja K McClymont
Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

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