Personal Coaching Case Study

Coaching for Confidence

Maria, Financial Services

Maria had entered a competition to win a place at one of my retreats and joined my mailing list. She remained on my email list for about 3 months until she contacted me for coaching.

Maria’s primary goal for coaching was to “slow down a bit more” in life and to learn how to enjoy the process of achieving her goals more.

Client’s Goals for Coaching

The process of goal setting is in three stages. The first, when the client makes contact with me. The second, when they fill out a discovery questionnaire and the third, when they define the purpose of their goals. 

  1. Slow down more, less stress
  2. Meet a partner
  3. Achieve career goals

Results of Coaching for Confidence

At the end of a programme, each client is given these wrap up questions to help them see where they have grown and achieved confidence.

The information below is provided by the client in their own words. Please click on a question to see the client’s response.

1. What specifically have I achieved during the coaching period? 

  • Re-focus my priorities
  • Slowing down and being more realistic with plans
  • A more positive outlook

2. How am I different / What am I doing differently as a direct result of coaching?

  • The importance I am placing on my own wellbeing
  • Putting less pressure on myself to achieve too much
  • Being present and not living in the future

3. What are my top 3 goals and dreams in life right now?

  1. Meeting the right person
  2. Pursuing my own creativity – business, writing, cooking
  3. Promotion/New job

4. What are my top 5 priorities in life as I now understand them?

  1. Personal health – mental, physical, emotional
  2. Healthy work-life balance
  3. Using all of my skills/talents/gifts is good
  4. Meeting the right partner 
  5. Financial independence

5. What limiting beliefs have I let go of?

  • I am not complete without a partner
  • I am not responsible for other people
  • I do not need to impress anyone

6. What positive new beliefs do I have?

  • My goals are achievable in an appropriate timeframe
  • I am grateful for my current achievements
  • I am as worthy as anyone else

7. What specifically have I learned about myself?

  • I am stronger than I think I am
  • I am not as unlikable as I thought I was
  • I can be happy in the present

8. What have I learned during the coaching process that I will carry forward in life?

  • Confidence is a positive thing and not everyone has to like me
  • It is not selfish to prioritise myself
  • Any goal should be evaluated for its value

9. What has been the best bit of the coaching for me?

  • Having time away to focus
  • Learning that others have similar problems
  • Having to dig deep and re-think my goals

10. What are the best things about my life?

  • A stable career that I have worked hard for
  • The ability to own my home and have personal space
  • Family and friends for support

11. What ONE piece of advice would I give myself to take forwards?

  • I cannot help anyone else until I have helped myself first

12. What else would I like to note down that would be useful to me going forwards?

  • I will have smaller daily/weekly goals
  • Basic self care is a necessity
  • I need to avoid negative energy

How the client gained Confidence

Maria worked through various limiting beliefs in her personal coaching programme. She also attended a weekend retreat which helped her gain perspective on how she was viewing herself. Everyone loved her! 

We specifically focussed on the following:

  • Worked on her personal values and self-belief.
  • Maria was already a confident person but some inner-critic work was required for her to understand that it is good to be confident.
  • By understanding what was important to Maria, she was able to see what was most important in her life and what she wanted to focus on.
  • We went deep towards some templates and experiences of projection that helped her gain perspective.
  • Maria learned the benefits of being in the present and enjoying a process rather than focussing on the future with tangible examples within her coaching journey.


I had become overwhelmed by stress and exhaustion due to the high expectations I had set for myself and I was becoming physically unwell in response to the pressure. I had also internalised my paranoia of biased perceptions of me and how this would impact my prospects.

I knew I needed time away from my busy life, to reflect on and re-evaluate what I was actually trying to achieve. Facing the realities of living by self-comparison and unrealistic targets was tough but necessary.

The frank but warm approach to coaching is tailored to the individual, using both practical and holistic methods. The best part was realising that the perceptions of me were different to what I had internalised.

I now prioritise my wellbeing and I try to live in the present instead of the future. I was constantly on a mission but I now follow a more minimalist approach to daily life. 

Puja K McClymont
Life Coach & NLP Practitioner

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