On the day before the retreat, I didn’t actually know how I was going to make it to the retreat. Work was manic and I didn’t quite know what I needed. I lacked the organisation which is usually me. I was worried that Ryanair wouldn’t accept my bag as hand luggage. 

The surroundings and the scenery, the openness, the space, the quiet, each added to the experience.

There was space to retreat to for introspection and space for sharing. There was a respect in the group to allow each person to find their own experience. No one was expected to feel the same thing or be the same thing. 

The blend of physical activity and coaching allowed me to find the connection in me. One without the other wouldn’t have worked. Being prodded and poked to see and articulate our dreams was gentle and insightful. Definitely not a one size fits all. 

The challenge for me is to be able to take the tranquility and the sense of self back into the real world without the day to day support of the group. 

I am in awe of Puja, Elisa and Kate in their ability to hold the group together, to provide what was needed each time. And finally the physical setting could not have been more perfect. And finally finally, the group could not have been more special.