This is a pretty personal post and one that I’m sure will resonate with a few of you. It’s not just a rant about the job market, I’ve also included some Coaching tips that might help you through if – like most of us – you need to work. It’s been on my blog list for a while but jumped straight to the top today after I received another rejection.

This will be the 50th rejection in about 18 months. 50 REJECTIONS!!!! I’ve been in Marketing and PR for over 18 years, I’m only 37 and I had a kid in late 2015. I need flexibility in my work for financial reasons and also because quite frankly, I’ve given blood, sweat and many tears to my career thus far and I wouldn’t mind having a little break and giving that attention to my kid. Most of my earlier rejections were for full time roles. I had no interviews at all. Rejected at the first hurdle. No matter how much I’d like to hide the fact that I have a kid (in order to get a sodding job), I do post on social media so potential employers will see it. No, no one has explicitly said that I am unsuitable for a role because I’m a mum but I know what it was like working for companies who weren’t so great at managing parents and the demands required by certain roles; so let’s just say I read between the lines – but this is a whole other post to be honest and may not be the reason for today’s rejection.

Now, yes, I’m a Coach. No, I’m not a full time Coach yet, building a business takes time. However, I am working in Marketing at the moment and I am only taking freelance, short-term contracts so that both employer and I know where we stand and I’m of the mindset that honesty is the best policy. That however, does not mean that I don’t have contacts in my industry, that I don’t know how to do the work well, that I’m incompetent to pick up where I left off before I had the baby, that I can’t do what I’ve been doing for the last 18 years anymore. What that does mean is that I can do it more efficiently, more reliably, with less ego, with more tangible experience, actual relationships with the press and deliver results. But instead, I’m met with (I’m going to say it) ridiculous reasons as to not even see me. Some employers (understandably) may have ‘concerns’ about my extra curricular activities (in this case Coaching) however, they may be surprised to know that it may actually be of benefit to them. To not even meet me, to allow me to talk through my experiences and achievements, to understand what my plans are and how they may fit in with theirs, is just plain awful.


I AM completely incompetent and can’t do Marketing and PR!

[Side Note] I achieved full page coverage in The Sunday Times Travel Magazine last month for a client, which is a pretty big deal and got myself on to BBC Radio this week. #justsaying

Luckily, I only apply to a few contract roles, ones that sound like they would work for both parties so the rejection only bothers me for a few minutes.

Anyway, I have an excellent client at the moment, so perhaps that’s where my energy should stay focussed. I’m ok with that, I can do it.

That would be my Coaching perspective on this whole topic. Sometimes, we need to look at what our actual goals are and see if the actions we are taking on a day to day marry with them. When you’re looking for new work, you should evaluate the reasons why you want to move on and write them down as goals for your new role. Look at whether they are lofty ideas or whether you believe they can be found in another company – remember the grass is not always greener. When you get to interview stage, prepare some questions to ask your potential employer that would answer the challenges that you’re currently facing in your company. Reflect on their answers back to you. Any generalisations should raise some flags and those that answer fully with examples, may well be your new home.

To help you move forward, you should create a clear plan of why you might want to change jobs (the goal) and what you’re looking to achieve by moving (the outcomes.) This will provide you with a clear picture of what you really want and help manage any rejection you may experience on your journey to get there. You must also remember that for each rejection, the right role will come along at the right time. If you can believe that, you shift your mindset to achieve more of the things you want in your life that will actually serve you well too. There’s science in that approach.

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