How to Manage Change Effectively

“Change Nothing and Nothing Changes”

There are two schools of thought when it comes to Change: Love it or Loathe it. Change however, is inevitable. No matter what the change is, whether in your control or not, change will occur and we have to learn to deal with it. Most of the loathers of change have difficulty with it because of the fear of the unknown. Though if we plan and prepare for the potential outcomes of change, we can start to reduce the overwhelm and anxiety associated with it and as a result protect our mental health and learn to embrace change for all that it delivers. Of course change is not always nice, the passing of a loved one isn’t going to bring happy change feelings however, there is an element of planning that can be done in this instance also to help you continue living. My point here is that no matter the change, a little careful consideration can go a long way to helping you manage the change so that you can look after yourself in the process.Read More

Why Delegation is good for your Health

This year started off very exciting for me. We had decided to sell our flat and start our steps to a new life in Spain, I had carved out my personal health goals, my family’s health goals and my business goals. I had assessed how I wanted to be as a person this year and so far, everything is moving forward – at different paces – but essentially, all in a forward motion. How does that make me feel? “Fabulous!”Read More

How your Environment affects your Wellbeing

I started 2019’s goals list with my health at the number 1 spot. Let’s just say, it has been a bit of a bumpy ride. You see I succumb to the busyness of my life with more busyness and repeat this cycle which then increases my stress levels and I keep restarting week after week after week. Read More

Why your space must “bring you joy” for good wellbeing

I actually really love this quote/philosophy by Marie Kondo – “does it bring you joy?” and I like to talk about this with clients when addressing their space as part of my 12 core principles to better wellbeing. Your space must bring you joy for good wellbeing. You may have heard that having a cluttered desk makes your mind cluttered and this is very true. Most times, the clutter around us is unnecessary and can either be put away or just plain thrown out.

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5 ways to boost your energy to improve your mental health

By now you know my philosophy that “everything affects everything” and with that in mind, a key factor to all this is energy. I could ask you a number of questions about energy but if you’re busy, chances are you are using up all of your energy on giving to other people and things, leaving very little for yourself. One of the best most effective ways to improve your energy levels is to give to yourself FIRST. Before anyone or anything – that includes partners and kids! If we only have 10 minutes in our day, just for ourselves, then taking it will have very beneficial results in the long term. Start slow, 10 minutes is a good timeframe to start and then you’ll want to add more time as you start to see how effective it is.

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The importance of being authentic for your mental well-being

When I started my coaching practice I had a vision for what I wanted to do, what I wanted to achieve for my clients and myself and a timeframe in which I wanted things to happen. I spent as much time as possible on building my practice often sacrificing time with my son, friends and my husband. As a hard-working determined person, those who knew me understood that I needed this focus to get what I wanted – and it’s working. Those who didn’t know me however, were seeing a different version of events.

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How to manage your emotions for mental well-being

“You, got me feeling Emotions – higher than I ever dreamed of!”

I am a HUGE Mariah Carey fan. I’ve said it out loud now, there’s no turning back. I admire her in ways that so many people struggle to understand. She writes ALL of her lyrics. She uses her own experiences to pen down those songs and her voice is incredible.

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